Live in Canada? Here's How You Can Help Seals

Living in Canada, you have the unique opportunity to make a difference where it matters most. Check out our tips and guidance below; you can help put an immediate end to the seal slaughter taking place in your country.

21 or under? Check out
these activism tips instead.
Prefer to get active online? Check out these activism tips instead.

Contact Your LegislatorsContact Your Legislators
You can find the contact information for your local M.P. by entering your postal code here. Make sure to tell him or her that as a constituent, you want to see an immediate end to the annual seal slaughter. Check out our guide for working with elected officials. Please also take action here.

You Have the Power in the Palm of Your HandYou Have the Power in the Palm of Your Hand
Be the first to hear about breaking animal rights news, get the scoop on local events in your area, and participate in PETA's action alerts, all with just one keystroke from your phone. Click here to sign up to receive text messages from PETA now.

By setting up an information table in a busy area of your town, you can hand out literature and educate passersby on the cruel seal slaughter happening in their own back yards! We've got all the information that you'll need to get started right here, and we'll be happy to answer any questions and provide support along the way. It's up to you and your neighbors to put pressure on the Canadian government! E-mail to get started today.

Organize a DemonstrationOrganize a Demonstration
Protesting is a fun, easy, and effective way to expose the cruelty of the seal slaughter. The more Canadians you can inspire, the better the chances are for the seals. It can be as simple as one person with a sign and an hour to spare. You'd be surprised at how far you can get with a friendly smile and simple question like, "Would you like to learn how to help seals?" To get started, fill out this brief form.

Spread the word about the seal slaughter by ordering free leaflets that you can hand out in busy areas within your community. Not only will this increase the level of awareness about the seal slaughter, it also has the potential to recruit hundreds of other Canadians to the cause. Request leaflets and get started today!

Join the Action TeamJoin the Action Team
Join the PETA Action Team, which will keep you up to date on local protests and events and give you the latest breaking news and campaign updates from The Action Team is the place to go for updates and tips on how to become a better animal rights activist.