Why Is Canada Killing Seals?

Most people would agree that there is something terribly wrong with shooting baby seals and smashing in their skulls, yet despite international outrage, the Canadian government allows sealers to beat and skin hundreds of thousands of these gentle creatures every year. So why is Canada killing seals?

In recent years, all major markets have banned seal-fur imports, including the EU, Mexico, Taiwan, the U.S., and even Russia, which had been importing 95 percent of Canada’s seal fur. Even local sentiment is turning, as you can see in this editorial, and a lack of markets has led Canadian officials to examine seriously whether the slaughter should end. The only reason it continues is because political parties in Canada crave Newfoundland’s swing seats in Parliament and will stop at nothing to show that they support local business. 

It’s time for Canada to wake up! And with the help of caring people like you, we can put an end to the slaughter once and for all. Please urge the Canadian government to support a buyout of the sealing industry, which would benefit both seals and sealers.

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Blood Splatter © Vecteezy | freevector